The participating start-ups presented their investment opportunities in “Life science”, “HTSM” and “ICT” to the investors. The start-ups were obliged to meet the following conditions:

  • It’s preferably a second round finance opportunity;
  • The start-up’s technology is based on scientific research, mostly with well protected intellectual property;
  • The investment opportunity is related to a clear internationalization strategy;
  • The required investment should be between €50,000 and 1.5 Million;


The following startups pitched at the Science Angel Forum 2015:

Pluriomics http://www.pluriomics.com/ Stefan Braam
Haermonics http://www.haermonics.com/ Wouter Markus
MedRithm http://www.nlc.nl/medrithm/ Bert-Arjan Millenaar
904Labs http://904labs.com/ Wouter Weerkamp
3D Universum http://www.3duniverse.org/ Sezer Karaoglu
BuBclean http://www.bubclean.nl/en/ Bram Verhaagen
ScreenPoint http://www.screenpoint-medical.com/ Nico Karssemeijer
Cognilab https://www.cognilab.com/ Jose Barrios
Dutch Terahertz http://www.dutchterahertz.com/ Andrey Baryshev
Conquest   Mangala Srinivas
Bruxlab http://www.bruxlab.com/ Ad Linssen
E-Assyst http://www.e-assyst.nl/ Jorrit Van den Breemer
DOT.world https://www.dot.world/ Wim Korevaar
LipoCoat http://lipocoat.com/ Jasper van Weerd
Digest-Inn BV   Teun Aalbers