The Technopolicy Network, 20 January, 2010, PV

The EU and the US have established a Transatlantic Innovation Dialogue during the last meeting of the Transatlantic Economic Committee (TEC) on October 2009. This is in line with an initiative by the Technopolicy Network (TPN) to strengthen ties between North America and European countries in the field of innovation. Goal of the Transatlantic Innovation dialogue is to join efforts to stimulate innovation, growth, productivity and entrepreneurial activity between North America and the EU. This includes the sharing of good policy practice and the improvement of the policy environment for innovative activities on both sides of the Atlantic. The EU is currently requesting input to help identify topics for cooperation, of the draft input paper (please follow this link to EU site). Comments can be submitted through their website up until 29 January.

The initiative follows upon the first international conference on Transatlantic Innovation in June 2009, by The Technopolicy Network. The Technopolicy Network aims to continue its Transatlantic Activities in 2010, planning a second Transatlantic Innovation expert meeting in Canada in June and starting up a Transatlantic Innovation Intermediary network in collaboration with Innovation America. To read about current developments, concerning this event, please make sure to visite our website regularly.

Additional information:

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