We organize two types of international conferences for participants from all over the world engaged in innovative regional development and academic entrepreneurship. Our conferences are characterized by their high quality participants and programs, as well as their international orientation. As an extra dimension to our conferences, we use our benchmarking capabilities to provide contests on topics similar to the conferences, for example the Award for Best Science Based Incubator

The Annual Regional Policy Conference is held every year in an innovative region anywhere in the world, aimed towards stimulating the development of that region. The topic of the Annual Regional Policy Conference can differ greatly, depending on the current desires of the host region. More information about our last Annual Regional Policy Conference can be found here.

The Academic Entrepreneurship conference, also known as Best Practices in Science Based Incubation, focuses on incubators, accelerators and all other related instruments and facilities and aims to stimulate these processes. More info on our last Best Practices in Science Based Incubation conference can be found here.

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