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The Technopolicy Network provides a platform

The Technopolicy Network is a global platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience on Science Based Regional Development. Through this network, the regions gain knowledge on how other regions approach innovation ecosystem development. In addition, the Technopolicy Network stimulates collaboration between knowledge regions around the world.

Gather expertise and expand your network
Each year the Technopolicy Network organizes events on Science Based Regional Development and Boosting Academic Entrepreneurship.

The events are known for their high quality speakers and participants from all over the world. The conferences offer excellent networking opportunities.


Next Event (April 2017)


The Cambridge Regional Innovation Council

Managing an Entrepreneurial

Knowledge Region

A four-day strategy council on the development of entrepreneurial knowledge regions

Cambridge, 3-6 April 2017

Herewith, the Technopolicy Network presents its four-day training course for managers of entrepreneurial knowledge regions. The need for such a course derives from the growing complexity of regional ecosystems in which science-based regional development occurs.

Every such region has its unique own challenges to tackle. Its managers face regions that differ in institutional structure, geography, demographics, economy, and (knowledge) infrastructure. They have built or have to build a different relationship with the different layers of government, knowledge institutions, and industry. In short, they are in need of creating a comprehensive strategy that integrates all these different facets.

The goal of this training course is, therefore, to inspire those who aim to develop such strategies and create an in-depth understanding of the taken routes and available options. This can be achieved by cross-fertilisation of knowledge of the ambitions and hard-learned lessons from the experts and participants in the field.


Previous Event (December 2015)


The Science Angel Forum organized by Technopolicy Network in collaboration with Business Angels Netwerken Nederland and Business Angels Europe Club was attended by 150 participants and well evaluated. We have composed a brief report of the event. The outcomes of the round table discussion held in Nijmegen are summarized in ten commandments on science-based investments. For an impression of the event please check out our online photo album.